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About Fetishista

We believe all women should have great sex!



Welcome to Fetishista, where we have combined our love of great sex with our love of fine fetish fashion! Most of our items will appeal to all walks, while some may suit saucier tastes. Either way, we're here to help you claim your sexual empowerment!

Fetishista was born from lifestyle. My lifestyle, your lifestyle. While our beliefs and needs might differ, we still have them; respecting them, treating them well and letting them out to breath is a necessary part of a healthy life.

After working for other people for years, a nasty incident left me feeling a bit down and out for a while. I wasn’t able to work - truth be told I wasn’t able to boil an egg or keep a houseplant alive. But, time passed and during that time I rediscovered my true self. I realised I was wasting my time, and my life, pursing other people’s goals. I realised that my goals are important and valid and that I would never be truly satisfied if I didn’t make them a priority in my life.

So, I chucked in working for other people and got cracking on my dream of Fetishista. I wanted a place where I would feel comfortable buying the outfits I want to wear; somewhere that stocked fine women's fashion other than the ordinary. I also wanted to stop talking about my dream and actually start doing it.

Fetishista is an online retailer of fine fetish fashion. More than a passion, we have a fetish! We don’t stock cheap clothing – there is enough of that out there. We also don’t dropship. We respect our fashion, our lifestyles and the kinks that make us unique and beautiful. We hope Fetishista helps you find what you need so you can confidently claim your own sexual empowerment.

We believe in women. We believe women are amazing, strong and capable individuals. We believe their power is limitless. We believe all women are beautiful, period.

At Fetishista we also believe in safe, sane and consensual kink. We believe that while someone may act as a submissive, they do so with a great deal of power. We believe that everyone has a right to enjoy and express his or her lifestyle in safety and without being mocked, threatened or mistreated.

We don’t believe in “normal”. When something is labelled normal, then everything else falls into the category of “abnormal”. Neither of these words should be used to describe the wonderment that is woman.

Fetishista is important to us and we hope to you too. As a result, we try hard to meet your needs. Let us know if we are hitting our target or if we can improve – we are here to serve.

Warm regards, Fetishista