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Oh boy, did someone just say “normal”?!

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What is it about the word normal? I hear it used far too often to describe almost everything and it is rarely fitting or appropriate. Usually I take a bit of offence to it and feel compelled to have my two cents about it. As an example, a couple of years ago I was building my new house (that is to say, someone with construction nous was building it for me) when it came time for the light switches to be installed. I’m about five and a half feet tall; the electrician, who was over six feet tall, positioned the...

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What is a fetish, and do I have one?

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First things first, a fetish is nothing to be frightened of or threatened by. Many people have a fetish, or several fetishes. In fact, you probably do without knowing it! Where the sight or thought of a body part or bodily features can cause sexual arousal in most people, other people are also (or only) aroused specifically by a body part or by an object external to the body, such as shoes. Some people are very lucky and find both shoes and feet sexually arousing. Next time you go shoe shopping, check to see if the assistant is fawning just...

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